Ornate narrow mouth frog – Amphibians of Okinawa by Shawn Miller

The Ornate narrow-mouth frog (Microhyla ornata) is found throughout the Ryukyu Islands. It is one of the smallest frogs found on Okinawa. It can be extremely hard to find due to its small size.

  • Scientific name: Microhyla ornata
  • Common name: Ornate narrow mouth frog, ant frog and ornate pygmy frog
  • Distribution: Ryukyu Islands
  • Habitat: Forests, mountain slopes, drainage ditches and farm fields.
  • Diet: Ants, termites and small insects
  • Average size: 15mm-25mm
  • Color: brown
Ornate narrow mouth frog -Okinawa

Ornate narrow mouth frog -Okinawa

I have found this beautiful frog in the Yanbaru forest, local parks, drainage ditches and even common walking trails in central Okinawa.

Yanbaru forest  -Northern Okinawa

Yanbaru forest -Tokina magic

This small frog is a master of camouflage. I often find it on rocks, plants and leaves during my night walks.

Ornate rice frog -Ryukyu Islands

Ornate rice frog -Ryukyu Islands



Ornate rice frog -Onna village

Photographed on a white portable studio for the Meet your neighbours project                 - dedicated to connecting people worldwide with the wildlife in their community -


Meet your neighbours project by Shawn Miller

Have a great day!

Ryukyu green snake – Reptiles of Okinawa by Shawn Miller

The Ryukyu Green snake (Cyclophiops semicaricartus) is a non-venomous snake found throughout the Ryukyu Islands. They are fairly common here on Okinawa. I often find them in the Yanbaru forest. They are harmless and pose no threat to your safety.

  • Scientific name: Cyclophiops semicaricartus
  • Local name: Ryukyu Ao Hebi - Ryukyu Green snake
  • Distribution:  Ryukyu Islands
  • Habitat:  Forests and grasslands
  • Diet:  Earth worms
  • Average size:  60cm -80cm
  • Color:  Olive green with a yellow belly
 Ryukyu Green snake (Cyclophiops semicaricartus)

Ryukyu Green snake (Cyclophiops semicaricartus)

There’s a snake on my snake boot! I highly recommend wearing snake boots while herping in northern Okinawa.  Check out my post on venomous snakes of Okinawa for more info.


Snake boot – Ryukyu Green snake (Cyclophiops semicaricartus)

A juvenile Ryukyu green snake interested in the Canon 100mm 2.8 lens.

Ryukyu snake on the Canon 100mm macro lens

Ryukyu snake on the Canon 100mm macro lens

The snakes are sometimes found crossing the road a night.

 Ryukyu Green snake (Cyclophiops semicaricartus)

Ryukyu Green snake (Cyclophiops semicaricartus)

The  Ryukyu Green snake feeds on earth worms, no need to kill it.

Road Kill - Ryukyu Green snake (Cyclophiops semicaricartus)

Road Kill – Ryukyu Green snake and beetles

Have a great day – Shawn Miller

Namie’s frog (limnonectes namiyei) – Amphibians of Okinawa

The Namie’s frog ( Limnonectes namiyei ) is an endangered species found only in northern Okinawa. It is currently listed threatened on the IUCN red list of endangered species. This amphibian is decreasing in numbers due to deforestation and the use of pesticides.

  • Scientific name: Limnonectes namiyei
  • Distribution:  Northern Okinawa-Japan
  • Habitat:  Forest streams 
  • Diet:  Insects 
  • Average Size:  70mm -115mm
Namie's frog  -Yanbaru forest

Namie’s frog -Yanbaru forest

Namies frog- Stella 2000

Namie’s frog- Photographed using the Stella 2000

Photographed on white for the Meet your neighbours global biodiversity project. All images are used for conservation awareness and educational purposes.

limnonectes namiyei

Limnonectes namiyei – MYN Project

Massive legs allow them and capture prey with lightning speed.

Namie's frog ( limnonectes namiyei )

Namie’s frog ( limnonectes namiyei )

Webbed feet allow them to quickly escape predators in the water.

Namie's frog - Top view

Namie’s frog – Top view

Wide angle perspective – showing the environment it lives in.

Namie's frog - Wide angle macro

Namie’s frog – Wide angle macro

Be careful and pay close attention to crossing wildlife.

Road dweller- Namie's frog- Stella 2000

Road dweller- Namie’s frog with leeches

Lets Protect the wildlife of Okinawa!