Marine Life Washed Ashore – Typhoon Vongfong

Super Typhoon Vongfong was considered to be to be the strongest storm of the year. We were very lucky the strength of the storm died down before it landed on the Island of Okinawa. The typhoon brought heavy winds and rough sea conditions. A fair amount of marine life could not cope with these harsh conditions.

Puffer fish and trash

A Common Puffer fish ( Diodon holocanthus) with beach trash.

Blue starfish ,Onna beach-Okinawa

Blue starfish (Linckia laevigata) washed ashore

fish washed up with styrofoam

Carinalfish washed ashore with styrofoam in its mouth

Sea snake , Okinawa-Japan

Venomous Sea snake  (Emydocephalus ijimae)

Starfish washed up

Horned sea star ( Protoreaster nodusus ) washed ashore

sea hare

Large sea slug (Dolabella auricularia ) with internal shell

Sea cucumber

Sea cucumber ( Holothuria scabra ) washed ashore

Soft coral -Nago ,Bay

Soft coral  ( Lobophytum sp ) washed ashore

All images were taken on the western portion of the Island using the Canon 70d.

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