Ryukyu Brown Frog – Amphibians of Okinawa by Shawn Miller

The Ryukyu Brown frog (Rana ulma) is found throughout the Ryukyu Islands. It is listed as an endangered species on the IUCN list of threatened species. Some of the most beautiful frogs are found on Kume Island.

  • Scientific name: Rana ulma - Synonym Babina okinavana
  • Common name: Ryukyu Brown Frog
  • Distribution: Ryukyu Islands
  • Habitat: Forests, mountain slopes, drainage ditches and farm fields.
  • Diet: Insects
  • Average size: 45mm-65mm
  • Color: brown

The Ryukyu Brown Frog is found in northern Okinawa. The Yanbaru forest is a wildlife protected area.

Wildlife protection area -Yanbaru forest

Wildlife protection area -Yanbaru forest

They blend in very well with the leaf litter, rocks, and the surrounding grass.

Rana ulma Ryukyu brown frog

Rana ulma Ryukyu brown frog

Mating season is during the winter months.

Ryukyu Brown frog mating

Ryukyu Brown frog mating -Kume, Island

Photographed on white for the Meet Your Neighbours project.

Rana ulma -Meet your neighbours

Rana ulma -Meet your neighbours

A wide-angle perspective of the small brown frog.

Rana ulma - Wide angle macro

Rana ulma – Wide angle macro

Pay attention to crossing wildlife. Frogs are often found on the road searching for insects

Rana ulma - crossing the road

Rana ulma – crossing the road

Let’s protect the animals of Okinawa.