Anderson’s Crocodile Newt- Endangered species

Anderson’s crocodile newt is an endangered species found throughout the Ryukyu islands. It is designated as a living natural monument in Okinawa and is currently listed endangered on the IUCN red list of threatened species. This amphibian is decreasing in numbers due to poaching and deforestation. The newt is high valued in the illegal pet trade market and needs to protected. This is my favorite amphibian to photograph on my night adventures in Okinawa.

  • Scientific name: Echinotriton andersoni
  • Distribution:  Ryukyu Islands
  • Habitat:  Forests and wetlands
  • Diet:  Worms and snails
  • Average Size:  120mm -160mm

Photographed on white for the Meet your neighbours global biodiversity project. All images are used for conservation awareness and educational purposes.

Anderson's crocodile newt

Anderson’s crocodile newt -MYN

Anderson’s crocodile newt in its natural habitat feeding on a earthworm.

Feeding ,Yanbaru forest

Feeding ,Yanbaru forest

Late in the evening the newts meet up and search for a mate.

Finding a mate

Finding a mate, Onna Village

The aquatic stage of the newt has external gills. It slowly prepares itself for the transition into the terrestrial juvenile stage. They can be found in mud puddles in the months of May and June.

Aquatic stage

Aquatic stage -external gills

Watch your speed and pay close attention to crossing wildlife.

Watch out for crossing newts

Watch out for crossing newts

All the roads in northern Okinawa have specialized wildlife steps for the the animals that get trapped in the drainage ditch. These steps allow the newts and other animals to crawl out safely.

Wildlife steps

Wildlife steps

Let’s protect the animals of Okinawa!

Have a great day!