Sea Turtle Art Show – Okinawa, Japan

Please come out to the Sea Turtle Art show on August 12th 2017. The event will take place at the Okinawa Brewing Company at 2:00-6:00 pm. We will have original art work, prints and postcards for sale.  This is a collaboration with local artists to bring awareness to sea turtle conservation and what you can do to save our oceans. Part of the profits will be donated to sea turtle conservation and related causes.

* CJ and friends will be performing live music for the event.

Turtle art show

Turtle art show

Baby sea turtle making the journey to the ocean. Okinawa, Japan.

Baby sea turtles leaving the nest

Baby sea turtles leaving the nest – Photography by Shawn Miller

The beautiful sea turtles of the Ryukyu Islands

Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle -Photography by Shawn Miller

Our trash is becoming a serious problem on our shorelines. All of us can do better to reduce our waste and protect out natural environment.

Trash on our shorelines

Trash on our shorelines -Photography by Shawn Miller

I often find single use items washed on our shorelines. Plastic bags, forks, spoons, pet bottles,straws, razors, medicine prescription containers, flip flops, hair combs, tooth brushes, bento boxes, Styrofoam, shotgun shells, and rope are the common items washed ashore.

Beach trash -hermit crabs

Beach trash - Crabs with beach trash homes by Shawn Miller

The event turnout was better than expected. A big thanks to all that supported the event and to the contributors and local artists.

A few photographs of the event  -

Turtle art show -Okinawa, Japan

Turtle art show   “The wall of art “

Turtle art show -Okinawa, Japan

Turtle art show -Okinawa, Japan

Turtle art show –  Pollution print

Turtle art show – Laowa 12mm F2.8 D dreamer perspective


Good times at Okinawa brewing company-

Have a great day !